Frequency Sources

Model Controls Functions Max tuning range (MHz) Resolution Outputs RF Power Feature
Frequency Synthesizer Source **
iMS4-P Rev C Yes 10-210 32bit 4 1mW

10e7 points

iMS4-L Rev B Yes 20-200 32bit 4 1mW USB 10e3 points
iMS2-HF Yes 25-400 32bit 2 5mW USB,GBE, 10e7 points, frequency doubled
iSA-SF2 Yes 20-200 32bit 2 1mW USB programmable
Synthesizer with Integrated Amplifier(s)
iSPA-SF1-X Yes 20-250 32bit 1 1W to 4W High power
iSPA-SF2 Yes 20-200 32bit 2 1W Differential frequency
iSPA-MF4 Yes 20-200 32bit 1 1W total Mixed frequency
Crystal Based, low frequency
811C-L-10   10 50ppm 1 300mW  
811C-L-15   15 50ppm 1 300mW  

** Please note that these devices require an amplifier to drive an AO device